Mold Design, Manufacture

Akebono was established in 1978 and is involved in all aspects of plastic mold manufacturing.

Now, we have begun supplying molds and manufactured goods in Thailand.

As in Japan, we follow a consistent structure of mold design, manufacture, repair and trial manufacturing to provide the same level of high-quality products abroad.

We accept consultations about anything related to molds. If you have any problems relating to a mold, please do not hesitate to contact us.


We use 3D CAD mold designing to provide rapid, high-quality mold manufacturing.

In addition, we understand our customers are striving to enhance value so, as we design molds, we aim to consult with customers to verify their requests and specifications throughout the entire process, inspect how these details can be implemented in the mold and propose ideas.


Mold Manufacture

Our company offers complete facilities including high-speed machining and electrical discharge machines equipped with linear motors in an efficient manufacturing environment. Rather than specializing only in mold manufacture,

we offer flexible support for all aspects of mold production.



For every manufacturing process (processing, assembly, trial manufacturing), we provide careful quality control measures by following an in-house table of regulated inspections for each measurement and appearance test. By seeking to enhance each degree of perfection, we promise to provide extremely high-quality finished products.

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