Mold Engraving

Akebono’s starting point:

Because our company grinds the finest edged tools for form contour processing in-house, we can provide high quality services at a low cost in a short amount of time.

Our company originally began by offering engraving processing so this field could be considered our starting point.

In addition to lettering and logos, we offer various types of processing such as diamond cutting, serrations, hairlines, etc. as well as different types of manufacturing for typical tapered edges of cross-sectional shapes.

Support Examples

We can also process commercially available tools (or made-to-order goods).

Our company does all the necessary polishing of edged tools for mold manufacture in-house. This makes it possible to manufacture by grinding the finest edged tools for form contour processing as well as producing optimal processed data for these tools.

As a result, it is with confidence that we provide high quality services at a low cost in a short amount of time.

Mold Engraving Results

Mold Engraving Results

Portions of finished products our company manufactured (letters only)


Mold Engraving Scenario

Engraving a mold one line at a time (Headlight lens mold engraving)

Is this type of processing possible?!

About 20 years ago, we had a customer enquire whether it was possible to manufacture a car headlight mold with serrations (lines) across the entire circumference of the lens form.

Manufacturing was difficult using this customer’s mechanical equipment so our company wanted to find a way to help them. (Now, this form is manufactured using a five axis machining center.)

Truthfully, we wondered if it was possible to do this type of manufacturing but our company president accepted the customer’s request by simply saying, “We’ll find a way.”

With the exception of jobs that our equipment cannot support, our president rarely declines work requests.

Engraving one line at a time in a short period of time

The mold was brought in that evening but the customer hoped to receive it back just two days later. Beginning that night, we quickly processed the mold thinking about various options using a generic engraving machine, “If we do this, it might work. If we try this, maybe we could do it?”

(Five axis machinery was not available at this time) Serrations could be placed on a cross-section of the three dimensional form but it was difficult to use our existing jigs, etc. So we worked around the clock, occasionally placing car jacks on the table or hurriedly creating unique tools to process each line of serration.

Our company was able to create new tools when manufacturing in particular places was impossible with the existing ones. But this did not decrease the amount of work we had to do.

Somehow Akebono did it!

Just as promised, we delivered the finished product to an extremely delighted customer two days later.

We hope that all customers will have the impression that if they consult with us, Akebono will somehow find a solution.

From that period on (and still today), our company president encourages us with phrases like, “Do work that makes customers happy”, “Take on challenges positively” and “Forget the word can’t”.

Today, our employees continue to uphold our company’s guiding principles of “sincerity, enthusiasm and originality”.

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